The Boardwalk's Home of "Way Cool"
The Boardwalk's Home of "Way Cool"
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You Click, We Deliver**

We're known as the "different" shopping experience on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.  Friendly local owners, maybe a tad offbeat, offering way cool stuff, moderate prices and free advice*** in a clean, bright shop!  Can't make it to the shop you say?  No worries, Mon.  The Pirates gotcha covered!  Here you'll find a selection of our most popular pirate, mermaid & nautical themed tops, tees, UV shirts, headwear and jewelry.  Arghh, Maties!  Now you can Shop Smuggler's Cove from anywhere!  Thanks for checking us out - Miles & Tina, ProPiraters

Click below to take a 360 degree tour of the shop (and see Lady Tina doing her best "Where's Waldo" impression...)

** We lied... we don't actually deliver the stuff - the Post Office does that part.      *** Good advice available for a reasonable fee!

The Ship

6 Harper Ave

Carolina Beach NC 28428

On the Boardwalk

Phone: 910-707-0607 (office)

           910-707-0241 (store)